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Differences between Shaanxi auto, Shaanxi heavy duty, Shaanxi auto commercial vehicle

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Differences between Shaanxi Auto, Shaanxi Heavy Duty, Shaanxi Auto Commercial Vehicle

"I drive the car Shaanxi Auto Delong X3000!"

"Today I saw the new X6000 from Shaanxi Auto, it's really good!"

These two sentences must have been heard or even said by card users, the name "Shaanxi Auto" and "Jiefang", "Heavy Duty" is the same as the widely circulated heavy truck brand among card users. The name "Shaanxi Auto", like "Jiefang" and "Heavy Duty", is a popular brand name among truckers.

However, I don't know if careful truckers have noticed that the name that appears in the official news along with the Delong X3000 and X6000 models is not "Shaanxi Auto", but "Shaanxi Heavy Truck".

In addition, the terms "Shaanxi Auto Commercial Vehicle", "Shaanxi Auto Holdings", "Shaanxi Auto Group" and so on are often seen in our view. Are they a family or not? How are they related to each other?SHACMAN extended tractor trailer -Shacmansx

From the above chart, it is easy to see that the above brands are all independent and related to each other.

Shaanxi Auto Holdings, formerly known as Shaanxi Auto Holdings Group, was founded in 1968 as Shaanxi Auto Manufacturing Plant. Headquartered in Xi'an, Shaanxi, it is a state-owned joint-stock enterprise directly under the Shaanxi State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission.

It has more than 100 participating subsidiaries including Shaanxi Auto Group, Shaanxi Auto Industry, Shaanxi Auto Commercial Vehicle and Golden Dragon Xi'an.

Its products cover a wide range of commercial vehicles, including heavy-duty military vehicles, heavy trucks, medium trucks, large and medium-sized buses, and microcars.

Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings. Its products include heavy trucks, medium trucks and buses, as well as some heavy-duty axles, fuel tanks, drive shafts, radiators and other auto parts.

Ltd. was established in 2002 and is jointly held by Shaanxi Automobile Group (49%) and Weichai Holding Group Co.

The new generation of Shaanxi Draughtsman X3000

Shaanxi Auto's X, M, F series and other heavy truck products are mostly from Shaanxi Heavy Truck, which is also known as "Shaanxi Auto" among truckers.

At the same time, Shaanxi Heavy Truck and Weichai Holdings jointly hold the Hand Axle, on the other hand, Weichai Holdings and Shaanxi State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission 100% of the Faster Group jointly hold the Faster Gear.

Therefore, the heavy truck products produced by Shaanxi Heavy Truck are mostly "Weichai engine + Hande axle + Faster transmission" configuration is logical.

Oh yes, the production of engine Weichai Power and Weichai Holdings is not the same thing Oh. Weichai Power is called Weichai Power Co., Ltd. is Weichai Holdings Group Limited ("Weichai Holdings") subsidiary.

Every time we talk about the engine and talk about "Weichai" should strictly speaking be "Weichai Power" is right.

In addition, we are easily confused with another company, Shaanxi Auto Commercial Vehicle.

Ltd., directly under Shaanxi Auto Industry, is a vehicle enterprise of Shaanxi Auto Holdings, located in Baoji, Shaanxi.

The company has Xuande 3 series, 6 series, 9 series dump trucks, trucks, tractors and other products.

The above, is the "Shaanxi Auto" is easy to be confused with the name of the company, the daily expression for convenience we have been accustomed to "Shaanxi Auto" to summarize the above brands or companies, the habit to change I'm afraid some difficulties, and card users daily communication if strictly in accordance with the "I'm afraid it's difficult to change our habits. However, understanding the relationship between each brand is helpful for us to better understand Shaanxi Auto's products.

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