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  • Shaanxi automobile heavy truck new energy vehicle development with policy guidance


    For a long time, in the "free market" and "industrial policy" in the formation of many arguments, regardless of the original intention of scholars, in fact, the two should be compatible, not simply opposed. Read More

  • Good development prosoect of new energy vehicle


    In addition, based on the energy supply center in northern Shaanxi and the intercity logistics transport demand between Guanzhong city group, there is a good prospect for the development of hydrogen energy logistics transport. Read More

  • Shaanxi automobile heavy truck new energy vehicle


    When the world is engaged in electric vehicles, Japan's bet on hydrogen energy vehicles has been questioned as the wrong track, and once made people speculate where hydrogen energy will be used in the end? Read More

  • Shaanxi heavy truck attended West China Manufacturing Expo and Eurasia Industry Expo


    As one of the top 500 enterprises in China, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing three products, namely, Delong X3000 Golden Edition, new M3000 environmental protection dump and Delong L3000 truck, which immediately attracted the attention of the industry, media and domestic and foreign customers. Read More

  • Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck "Green Army" Displayed at Exhibition


    Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck "Green Army" takes the spotlight at the 2015 International Environmental Protection Exhibition. Read More

  • New Shaanxi Auto Delong Heavy Truck Off-road Caravan


    The new Shaanxi Auto Delong heavy truck off-road caravan has 4.5T power with four-wheel drive and supports personalization from L3000. This heavy truck caravan built on the chassis of Delong L3000. Read More

  • Shaanxi Auto De Long F3000 FWD tractor exported to Guinea


    As an important brand of Chinese heavy trucks exported to African countries, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck sells more than 10,000 trucks to overseas markets every year. Read More

  • Shaanxi auto heavy truck is excellent and reliable


    The three major parts of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck are excellent and reliable with high attendance rate. It is durable and resistant, and has a high attendance rate. Read More

  • SHACMAN F3000 riot control vehicle exported to Zambia


    SHACMAN labeled Delong F3000 riot control vehicle and right-hand drive ambulance are exported to Zambia. Read More

  • Shaanxi Auto's new model with MAN technology front and rear axle coming


    Shaanxi Auto's new model is coming, which uses Xikang power with MAN technology front and rear axle. Shaanxi Auto launches a new vehicle, then it is conducive to improve the product matrix and fill the market gap. Read More

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