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Irrigation sprinkler and types

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An irrigation sprinkler (also called a sprinkler or simply a sprinkler) is a device used to irrigate (water) crops, lawns, landscaping, golf courses, and other areas.They are also used to cool and control dust in the air.Sprinkler irrigation is a method of applying water in a controlled manner in a manner similar to rainfall.Water is distributed through a network that may consist of pumps, valves, pipes and sprinklers.Irrigation sprinklers are available for residential, industrial and agricultural purposes.It is useful on uneven land where there is not enough water, as well as on sandy soil.Vertical pipes with rotating nozzles on top are connected to the main pipe at regular intervals.As water is pressurized through the main pipe, it escapes through rotating nozzles.It is sprinkled on crops. In sprinkling or overhead irrigation, water is piped to another central location within the field and distributed by overhead high-pressure sprinklers or lances.

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Higher pressure sprinklers that themselves move in a circle are driven by a ball drive,gear drive,or impact mechanism (impact nozzle). These can be designed to rotate in a full or partial circle.Rainguns are similar to impact sprinklers, except they are typically at very high pressures from 2.8 to 9.0 bar (280 to 900 kPa; 40 to 130 lbf/in2) and 3 to 76 L/s (50 to 1,200 US gal/min),typically with a nozzle diameter in the range of 10 to 50 mm (0.5 to 1.9 inches).In addition to irrigation, guns are used in industrial applications such as dust suppression and logging.Many irrigation sprinklers, along with their associated piping, are buried in the ground, although above-ground movable sprinklers are also common.Most irrigation sprinklers are operated by electric and hydraulic technology and are grouped in areas that can be turned on and off collectively by actuating solenoid valves..


Home lawn sprinklers vary widely in size, cost, and complexity.They include impact sprinklers, oscillating sprinklers, drip sprinklers, in-ground sprinkler systems, and portable sprinklers.Permanently installed systems can often run on timers or other automated processes.For aesthetic and practical reasons, they are sometimes fitted with retractable heads to reduce damage during mowing. These types of systems can often be programmed to start automatically at a fixed time and day of the week.Small portable sprinklers can be temporarily placed on the lawn if additional watering is needed or if a permanent system is not available.These are usually attached to outdoor faucets and left on for a short period of time.Other systems can be professionally installed permanently in the ground and permanently connected to the home's plumbing system.In the 1950's Australia used an antique sprinkler developed by Nomad known as the Set and Forget Tractor Sprinkler.Water pressure ensures the sprinkler moves slowly over the lawn.

Agricultural science

Farmers' first use of sprinklers was some form of home and golf course type sprinklers.These temporary systems interfere with farming and are expensive to maintain while the work of burying pipes and securing sprinklers is done. In 1940,the center pivot irrigation technique was invented by Frank Zybach, a farmer living in Strasburg, Colorado. In the 1950s, the Portland, Oregon-based Stout-Wyss Irrigation System Company developed a roll-tube irrigation system for farms that became the most popular irrigation system for farmers irrigating large tracts of land.With this system, large wheels connected to large pipes with sprinklers move slowly over the field.

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