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Learn details of dump truck types and development history

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What is a dump truck?

Dump trucks are used to move or transport materials such as dirt, sand, rock, gravel, garbage or crushed stone. It is the safest and fastest method of transporting loose materials from the site and is especially important in the early stages of a project as the ground is being prepared to begin work. Before the project can proceed, a significant amount of damaged material needs to be removed before work can continue. Materials that are not scattered on site can be problematic and potentially dangerous to anyone on site, so a powerful dump truck is essential.

Types of commercial dump truck

There are many different types in use every day, here are some of the most common.commercial dump truck supplier -Shacmansx

1. Off-road dump truck

Off-road dump trucks are large trucks that are mainly used for mining and construction operations or that need to haul large amounts of aggregate. These trucks are capable of handling loads larger than 40 tons and up to 60 tons.

2. Rigid transport truck

There are both small and large options, the smaller trucks can handle 60 tons, while the larger trucks have a capacity of up to 500 tons. They are mainly used in mining operations. The most popular names for making rigid haul trucks include Caterpillar, Liebherr, Terex and a few others. Terex sold their line of rigid haul trucks to Volvo, which still sells them as Terex-branded trucks.

3. Articulated Dump Truck

These types of trucks arrive when the material arrives on site. These specific trucks are great for difficult terrain but cannot lift heavy loads like rigid dump trucks. Such vehicles require highly skilled operators.

4. Crawler Dump Truck

This is the machine you want when the weather is tough. The truck leveled the ground as it traveled, so it could create a smoother surface for other equipment, which made them very popular in the early days of construction.

5. Mini Dump Truck

A smaller version of the aforementioned vehicle, as they say, anyone with a Class B license can operate this type of vehicle.

The history of the development of concrete dump trucks

British car manufacturer Thornycroft came up with the tipper truck. In the late 1800s, when his company began selling carts that tilted back when detached from the hitch, emptying themselves of their belongings. Then in 1910, American manufacturers pushed the industry into the future by automating the dumping process. World War I was a key factor in the history of dump trucks as it created the need for trucks to pull larger loads and it was during this time that hydraulic systems were first used in trucks. By the end of 1958, the largest single-engine dump truck was on the market with a 600-horsepower engine.

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