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Mixer truck differentiation

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Mixer truck differentiation

How to distinguish between 12 square meters, 14 square meters, and so on, and what should be paid attention to as a novice? Key details?

1. generally, the chassis of 12 square meters and below is the 6*4 model, or the chassis of 6*4 with the longest wheelbase of 14 square meters and above, and the chassis of 8x4 or 8*4.

2. the mixer has high and low gears, and novices should pay attention to gear.

3. the vehicle shall not be loaded more than 30 yards when turning. Empty cars are in your own hands.

4. be careful when backing up. You must get out of the car to see the road conditions when you encounter an unfamiliar construction site, or you will be miserable. Especially grouting pile!

Mixer truck heatingSHACMAN cement mixer lorry price - Shacmansx

1. check whether the filter screen at the oil suction port of the oil pump is blocked. Remove the filter screen and clean it.

2. when installing pipes, the tightness is whether they are installed properly and whether there is possible air leakage.

3. check whether the pressure is normal.

4. check whether the coupling is heated.

Mixing drum of mixer truck

As the concrete will solidify into hard blocks in a short time and have certain corrosivity to steel and paint, cleaning the concrete adhered to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet after each use of the concrete storage tank is a daily maintenance work that must be carried out carefully. These include:

a. Wash the inlet with water before each loading to keep the inlet moist during loading;

b. Fill the cleaning water tank with water while loading;

c. Wash the inlet after loading, and clean the residual concrete near the inlet;

d. After unloading at the construction site, wash the discharge tank, and then add 30-40l of cleaning water to the concrete storage tank; Keep the concrete storage tank of the concrete mixing tank truck rotating forward and slowly when the vehicle returns;

e. Remember to discharge the sewage in the concrete storage tank before the next loading;

f. Thoroughly clean the concrete storage tank and around the inlet and outlet at the end of each day to ensure that there is no cement or concrete caking.

If the above work is not carried out seriously once, it will bring great trouble to the future work.

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