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New Shaanxi Auto Delong Heavy Truck Off-road Caravan

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The new Shaanxi Auto Delong heavy truck off-road caravan has 4.5T power with four-wheel drive and supports  personalization from L3000. This heavy truck caravan built on the chassis of Delong L3000.

Overview of commercial tractor trailer Delong off-road caravan

The newly launched heavy truck caravan based on the chassis of Shaanxi Delong L3000 is also the first caravan built on this chassis in China, the whole car looks very dominant from the outside, with a huge body and military green paint, just like a military truck, although it gives a very "sturdy" feeling, but the whole car Still in line with the blue C driving regulations, its length, width and height dimensions are 5995 * 2550 * 3650 mm. In addition, this car is located in the off-road type heavy truck caravan, so the top of the cab also increased the outdoor search light, in order to facilitate the driver can more convenient observation.

The front end and compartment are designed separately, and the compartment body is made of sandwich aluminum alloy compartment, with a thickness of 51mm, which has good heat insulation and heat preservation effect.shacman h3000 tractor head price -Shacmansx

The exterior of the body provides a 3.5-meter electric awning, a 5-stage electric step, water and electricity connections, storage boxes, etc., which can facilitate daily use.

Power, the car is equipped with a Cummins 4.5T diesel engine, matched with 6AT automatic transmission, four-wheel drive mode, with a strong 220 horsepower, and the entire cab has a particularly wide range of vision, but for newcomers, such a tall car, driving is still a certain degree of difficulty.

Entering the interior of the cabin, thanks to the size of the body, the overall space performance are very good, the hue of the warm color decorations, coupled with the ambient lighting, both with a sense of luxury, but also reveals a home-like warmth.

As a car carrying six people, the car's meeting area is designed with a four-person pair of card-seat sofa + lift table, and the seats are all passenger-class seats with full padding and adjustable backrests, which can bring a good ride.

At night, the lift table is lowered flush with the sofa, but also able to form a small single sofa bed.

Opposite to it, there is a storage cabinet with very good space to store some daily items, and it is relatively smooth to take.

And at the top of the parlor area, there is a hidden electric lift bed, which measures 2150*1200 mm and can fully accommodate two adults.

And on the wall behind the front cab, a 43-inch LCD TV is provided, which can also bring some entertainment to daily life.

Because the fixed bed design has been eliminated, the rear of the vehicle is a full kitchen and bathroom area, which is also very spacious.

The kitchen console behind the passenger door is provided with a rotatable angle faucet, sink, water purification system, induction cooker, microwave oven, range hood, etc., which can meet daily cooking needs.

Next to it is a 148-liter upper and lower double-door refrigerator, as well as a household inverter air conditioner provided on top, which can meet daily needs.

The interior space is much larger than that of the common C-type RV bathroom, and is equipped with a rotatable cassette toilet, a folding washbasin, and a mirrored storage cabinet, which can meet basic washing needs.

Through the stairs next to the control panel wall, you can go straight to the second floor terrace of the RV. The overall sense of vision is quite open, and the top is equipped with a small awning, and the bottom is provided with a circular seat, laying cushions, and you can enjoy your leisure time here.

In terms of circuitry, the car is equipped with a 24-volt circuit system, a 3-kilowatt inverter, a 400-amp-hour lithium battery (equivalent to 10 degrees of electricity), a 200-liter fresh water tank and a 120-liter gray water tank for the daily water and electricity needs can still be met, and the car is also equipped with a 5-kilowatt Ebbeh fuel heater, which can ensure that it can be used normally in winter. The vehicle can be used normally in winter.

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