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Shaanxi Auto meets new market demands with high-end

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Delong X6000 marks an important step for Shaanxi Auto in the high-end market of Chinese heavy trucks.

Shaanxi Auto is turning pressure into motivation to meet the comprehensive needs of young users from the product design side, while meeting regulatory requirements.

On the one hand, environmental standards are being upgraded, and overloading regulations are becoming increasingly stringent, while on the other hand, the new demands of the post-80s and post-90s truckers are being met. What new strategies have heavy truck companies adopted in the face of the new competitive situation?

In this regard, Shaanxi Auto has turned pressure into motivation and started to meet the comprehensive needs of young users from the product design side under the premise of meeting regulatory requirements. And with real data against international brands of heavy trucks, it continues to maintain its home field advantage.

Two major changes in the heavy truck industry

"The increasingly rapid environmental protection upgrade and increasingly strict implementation of regulations have brought a greater impact on the heavy truck industry. Especially after the full implementation of National VI on July 1, 2021, it puts a lot of pressure on the heavy truck after-sales service system." Zhou Yinzhao, deputy general manager of Shaanxi Heavy Duty Vehicle Co., Ltd. said this at the "2020 China Commercial Vehicle New Ecology Summit Forum".Delong X6000 for sale -Shacmansx

The Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles (China Stage VI) stipulates that from July 1, 2021, all heavy-duty diesel vehicles nationwide will implement the National VI emission standards. It is understood that after the national six heavy trucks are put on the market in 2020, truck drivers face the problems of changing driving habits and difficult maintenance. National six heavy trucks not only put forward high requirements for the quality of oil, urea and accessories, but also put forward higher requirements for testing equipment and maintenance personnel. In addition, each heavy truck enterprise uses different maintenance systems, which greatly increases the difficulty of maintenance at service stations, so the full implementation of the national six heavy trucks will put the whole industry chain to a new test.

In addition to the rapid upgrade of emission standards on heavy truck engine technology to put forward higher requirements, with the increasingly strict national regulations, heavy truck lightweight technology will also face the most severe test ever. Zhou Yinzhao said, compared with the emission standards, users are more concerned about the weight of the vehicle, the car is lighter, the user's profit will be higher.

From January 1, 2020, provinces and cities across the country have officially opened the highway entrance weighing persuasion policy, overload heavy trucks on the highway has become history. When a heavy truck is overloaded at a highway intersection, not only is the vehicle not allowed to drive onto the highway, but the driver may also be punished. At the same time, the increasingly stringent policy of super, greatly promote the application of new technology, new materials and other lightweight parts in heavy trucks.

Zhou Yinzhao said that, in addition to policies and regulations, the new rising demand of post-90s truck drivers has become the second factor that has a greater impact on the heavy truck industry. Now, there is a shortage of heavy truck drivers, and they have more and more say in choosing vehicles," he said. Unlike the post-60s and post-70s, the post-90s truckers, who account for an increasing proportion of the fleet, are demanding more and more intelligence, personalization and comfort from heavy trucks."

In 2020, the hot sale of AMT heavy trucks is a true reflection of the new demand of the new truck driver group after 80s and 90s. 2020 AMT heavy trucks are expected to exceed 35,000 units, an increase of more than 400% compared with last year. 80s and 90s users not only have higher requirements for safety, handling and comfort, but also put forward higher demands for comprehensive functions of heavy truck performance. AMT heavy trucks can not only reduce AMT heavy trucks not only reduce the labor intensity of drivers, but also require less experience and skills of drivers, and are highly sought after for meeting the needs of new end-user groups.

Zhou Yinzhao expects that in 2021, AMT tractor sales are expected to exceed 100,000 units.

Data show that there are about 30 million truck drivers in China, but with the speed of logistics development in recent years, the shortage of truck drivers is at least 10 million. At present, the post-80s, post-90s has become the main truck drivers, and even to the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan", the post-90s drivers account for up to 50% or more. Undoubtedly, how to meet the post-80s and post-90s new user demand has become the core competitiveness of major heavy truck enterprises now and in the future.

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