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Tractor related parameters

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Tractor related parameters

Country: Federal Republic of Germany

Name Iveco mcgirus 330-32 anwtm (6) × 6) And 330-40anwtm (6) × 6) Tractor

IVECO Magirus 330-32 ANWTM(6 × 6)Tracto

Production unit: Defense vehicle division of Iveco mcgirus company

IVECO Magirus AG Defence Vehicle Division,DE

At present, 330-32anwtm has been discontinued and 330-40anwtm is in production

Equipment situation: Federal Republic of Germany and many other countries

Structural features of tractor

Both (6) × 6) All tractors adopt the same type of cab used on Iveco mcgirus off-road truck, and the traction seats are set aboveH3000 Tractor Truck supplier - Shacmansx the rear axle. The only difference is that 330-40anwtm adopts turbocharged diesel engine, while 330-32anwtm adopts non turbocharged diesel engine of the same base engine.

Both vehicles can be equipped with two hydraulic winches with a tensile force of 196kn (20000kgf) or a simple winch with a tensile force of 294kn (30000 KGF). Other optional equipment is the cab roof window, air defense light system, improved electrical device allowing wading depth of 1.2m and two compartment passenger cab. When 330-40anwtm vehicle is used in sandy soil area, it can be equipped with special tires used in sandy soil area, and the front is 14.00 × 20 gauge single tire, 24 behind × 20.5 size single tire.

Working principle of tractor

Brief description of tractor principle

Its working principle is as follows: there is a traction seat support on both sides below the seat cover plate pressed by steel plate, which is connected with the seat cover plate with a pin shaft. The traction seat base can rotate back and forth with the pin shaft as the center relative to the seat cover plate. The bottom surface of the traction seat base is connected with the towed trailer with bolts. A locking mechanism composed of horseshoe, inclined iron, coupler tongue, adjusting plate, cross bar, pull rod and spring is set under the seat cover plate, and the horseshoe is fixed on the seat cover plate, The hook tongue, pull rod and cross bar are connected by pin shaft, and the inclined iron is also connected by pin shaft. The pull rod is connected to the rib plate under the seat cover plate by spring. The utility model is characterized in that the two tails behind the saddle shaped seat cover plate are large arcs, and there is a butterfly shaped concave surface in the middle, which divides the whole plane into five parts of similar size.

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