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Volumetric concrete mixer

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Volumetric concrete mixers (also known as volumetric mobile mixers) are truck- or trailer-mounted concrete mixers that contain separate compartments for sand,stone,cement,and water.Once on the job site,the machine mixes the materials to produce the exact amount of concrete needed.

How it works

Volumetric Mixers Batch,measure,mix and dispense all from one unit.Volumetric concrete mixers can produce the required amount of concrete at any time.Some concrete suppliers offer general-purpose concrete batched in volumetric mixers as a practical alternative to ready-mix concrete if quantities and scheduling are not entirely clear,to eliminate waste and prevent premature hardening of the mixture.Volumetric mixers are available in capacities up to 12m3 and have a production rate of approximately 60m3/h,depending on the mixing design.Many volumetric concrete mixer manufacturers have innovated their mixers in terms of capacity and design,and added additional features including colour,multiple admixtures,fiber systems,and shotcrete or shotcrete capabilities.

Advantages of volumetric mixers include: Volumetric concrete mixer

  • Reduce waste and associated costs by providing accurate quantities.

  • No risk of premature concrete hardening if delays are encountered.

  • Allows delivery of small amounts of concrete.

  • Night work does not require reopening of concrete batching plants.

  • Flexibility to alternate between multiple concrete mixes as application requires.

  • Capable of continuous concrete pouring.


Reduced waste -pouring exact quantities of concrete.Less water-volumetric concrete mixers use an average of 8-10 gallons of water to clean up,compared to 200 gallons for traditional bucket trucks.Reduced emissions-trucks don't need to idle while waiting for concrete to be poured.

On-site and Portable Concrete Mixers

For smaller jobs,such as residential repairs,renovations,or hobbyist-scale projects,many cubic yards of concrete are usually not needed.Small batches of bagged cement are readily available, as are small quantities of aggregate and water for small jobsites.To serve this small batch concrete market,there are several types of small portable concrete mixers available.A typical portable concrete mixer uses a small rotating drum to mix the components.For smaller jobs, concrete made on the construction site doesn't waste time in transit, giving workers ample time to work with the concrete before it hardens.Portable concrete mixers may be powered by gasoline engines,but more commonly they are powered by electric motors using standard mains current.These concrete mixers are further divided based on their loading mechanism.Cement,sand and other aggregates are loaded into hydraulically operated hoppers and poured into mixing drums for final mixing.They can be unloaded by tilting the drum. In hand-held concrete mixers,cement, sand, and other aggregates are manually added directly to the mixing drum.These two types of concrete mixers are popular in construction activities in Africa, some Middle Eastern countries and the Indian subcontinent.

Self-loading concrete mixer

Self-loading concrete mixers are unique machines designed for batching,mixing and transporting concrete.They consist of rotating drums mounted on an operator-driven cab-mounted chassis frame equipped with a loading bucket.The operator of a self-loading concrete mixer uses a hopper to batch and introduce into the drum the ingredients required for mixing concrete (cement, stone aggregate, etc.).Drums are usually reversible, inclined or a combination of both.A predetermined volume of water is discharged into the drum through the water distribution unit.The mixture is rotated at mixing speed inside the drum until the concrete is discharged through the installed chute.Self-loading concrete mixers are suitable for construction sites without concrete mixing plants,where underground conditions are not suitable for concrete transport mixer trucks,or where labor is scarce or limited.Application areas include urban and rural construction,concrete pavement maintenance bridge and tunnel construction, township road construction, foundation construction,national defense facility construction,high-speed rail construction, etc.

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