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Dump truck operation and maintenance methods

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A dump truck is a vehicle that unloads goods by itself by hydraulic or mechanical lift. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. In engineering construction and ore mining and transportation, dump trucks have always played an important role. Heavy loads, high-frequency lifting and loading and unloading, and harsh working conditions cause great wear and tear to vehicles, and are prone to some accidents.

Operation of dump truck

Lifting operation steps of car box

1. Park the vehicle on a flat road, pull the hand brake valve to the braking position;

2. Put the transmission gear in neutral, and put the air control valve in the "intermediate stop" gear;

3. Step on the clutch pedal, pull the power take-off switch to the combined position, release the clutch, and the power take-off is combined at this time;

4. Push the air control valve to the "lift" gear, at this time the cargo box starts to rise, you can control the lifting speed of the cargo box with the throttle size;best dump truck trailer -Shacmansx

5. When the cargo box rises to the ideal position, release the accelerator and put the air control valve in the "intermediate stop" gear.

Steps for lowering the cargo box of commercial dump truck

1. Depress the clutch pedal, turn the power take-off switch to the off position, release the clutch, and the power take-off is disconnected at this time;

2. Slowly push the air control valve to the "down" gear. The descending speed is proportionally controlled by the air control valve. This step must be slow;

3. When the cargo box is lowered to the lowest position, put the air control valve in the "intermediate stop" block.

Concrete dump truck maintenance requirements

1. Load in strict accordance with the regulations;

2. Pay attention to and check the upper and lower supports of the hydraulic cylinder, and observe whether each moving part and its adjacent fixing parts are abnormally damaged or deformed;

3. Check whether the hydraulic system is damaged or leaked;

4. Each oil filling point must be filled with oil once a week;

5. Check the use of accessories, whether the bolts and nuts are loose and tightened;

6. The hydraulic oil must be kept clean, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced regularly and the deposits should be removed.

Precautions for the use of dump trucks

1. It is strictly forbidden to carry out welding, drilling and other operations in any part without permission;

2. Concentrated loading, partial load, overload and full load drop box are strictly prohibited;

3. Before driving, check that the power take-off is closed and the control valve handle is placed in the "down" position;

4. Before lifting the heavy truck, make sure that the manual hook, door opening mechanism, and the flip pin on the lifting side of the side dump truck have been opened;

5. When the carriage is lifted, the engine speed shall not exceed 1500r/min, and the carriage shall not be lifted excessively;

6. Regularly check the working conditions of each component of the vehicle to avoid early damage to the components;

7. During maintenance, pay attention to vehicle cleanliness to avoid vehicle performance degradation;

8. Before leaving the car, check whether the connection of each part is reliable. If it is loose or dislocated, it must be tightened and reset.

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