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Shaanxi auto heavy truck is excellent and reliable

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The three major parts of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck are excellent and reliable with high attendance rate. It is durable and resistant, and has a high attendance rate. Shaanxi Auto's Delong F3000 helps the iron fan truck users to earn money.

"When I first bought this vehicle, I was mainly interested in the good configuration of the vehicle, sufficient power, low fuel consumption and high comfort. Over the years, this Delong has always been very powerful, reliable performance, high attendance rate, bringing me good earnings."

Commercial dump truck with high attendance rate

It is understood that Master Hu is an "85-year-old" who is 35 years old and from Nanling County, Anhui Province. He started to get involved in the freight industry at the age of 23, and currently uses a Shaanxi Auto Delong F3000 enhanced version 4X2 tractor.

"My uncle is running a large cargo, driving a Shaanxi Auto Delong. So, I am familiar with the first heavy truck is Delong, is considered a Delong 'iron fan' it. In May 2016, I returned to my hometown and purchased this Delong F3000 enhanced version and started to run the transport myself."tractor truck for sale -Shacmansx

"Driving for others, as long as the delivery on time and on schedule, customers have business matters generally will not find the driver, will only find the boss. Doing it alone by yourself is different." Master Hu said that the initial solo for most of the year, the transport business is very tired of running. The flatbed car with a long head hanging, both to drive the car, but also to ensure the safety of the goods, but also pay attention to maintain communication with customers at all times, no work when you have to take the initiative to find work, even scrap steel have been pulled. However, the good thing is that the car has always been in good condition.

With the help of friends and relatives, Master Hu's transport business has slowly picked up, and the source of goods is becoming more and more stable. "This Delong do not have to worry about the condition of the car, I just focus on running a good business. These two or three years, the business is quite stable, mainly between Wuhu and Hefei transport home appliances and electrical parts, the round-trip distance is about 400 kilometers, generally the same day round-trip, mainly by running trips to increase revenue. Under normal circumstances, about 15-20 trips can be made each month. The rest of the time, will pull some bulk cargo in the port terminal."

The company's main business is to provide a wide range of services and services to the public. In addition to normal maintenance, no other problems have occurred.

"As far as I know, there are not too many domestic brand models that can sustain high intensity transportation." Master Hu said, regardless of personal car, or company car, as long as the car has been in operation, can be normal transportation of goods, than those prone to minor problems that affect the attendance of the brand models to earn more.

Master Hu said, he this Shaanxi Auto Delong leather resistance brown, attendance is very high

Shaanxi auto dump trucks are excellent and reliable

"The 400L aluminum fuel tank can basically meet my daily short- and medium-haul transport needs. After the improvement of the epidemic freight rates are low, I basically run the bottom road, only the time-sensitive single, will choose to run high-speed."

Master Hu said, the car Delong F3000 in one-third of the high-speed, two-thirds of the case of the bottom road, standard load driving state, a hundred kilometers of comprehensive fuel consumption in 35 oil up and down. Such fuel consumption is quite normal, they can accept.

"I am afraid to take the bottom road when I run a big cargo, but I have to take it very often. Because there are more traffic lights, more restricted roads, and 'traffic', the road conditions are very complicated." Master Hu said, Delong F3000 start fast and stable, comfortable gear shift, fast speed, small and large slope climbing up without effort, run the bottom road is also relatively easy.

"Delong reliable performance, mainly has an important relationship with the three major parts of the car." Master Hu told me, this 336 horsepower Delong equipped with Weichai WP10.336E40 diesel engine, displacement of 9.726 liters, maximum torque of 1500N-m, maximum torque speed 1200-1500rpm, maximum output power of 247k KW, to meet the national four emission standards, can all be in a lower speed state, produce a larger torque, so the power It is very strong, and the fuel burning effect is sufficient, and the fuel consumption performance is smooth.

Master Hu's Delong F3000 is equipped with a 336hp Weichai engine

Master Hu introduced that the engine is matched with Faster 12-speed manual transmission, no frustration in shifting, comfortable handling, coupled with strong load-bearing Mann technology axle, 4.266 rear axle speed ratio, the whole vehicle configuration power, fuel consumption is smooth, standard load state climbing is very easy.

The driving comfort of Delong F3000 has also won the approval of Master Hu. "The main and passenger seats of this Delong are comfortable, the steering wheel is very sensitive, the view is wide, the air conditioning is good, and there are many storage compartments, and it also has a manual sunroof, which makes the driving space seem more generous, even if it runs medium and long distance transportation, it is not tired."

The manual sunroof in the cab of Delong F3000

"Every time I hold the steering wheel of Delong, I have a sense of security." Master Hu said, in recent years, logistics transport vehicles have increased a lot, the source of goods relatively did not increase too much, more cars and less goods become the industry norm, only the business will run well, in order to be the king. "I believe, open the Delonghi transport truck, the business must be able to run more red-hot."

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