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shacman f3000 specification

These are related to the shacman f3000 specification news, in which you can learn about the updated information in shacman f3000 specification, to help you better understand and expand shacman f3000 specification market. Because the market for shacman f3000 specification is evolving and changing, so we recommend that you collect our website, and we will show you the latest news on a regular basis.
  • Shaanxi automobile heavy truck new energy vehicle


    When the world is engaged in electric vehicles, Japan's bet on hydrogen energy vehicles has been questioned as the wrong track, and once made people speculate where hydrogen energy will be used in the end? Read More

  • Shaanxi Auto De Long F3000 FWD tractor exported to Guinea


    As an important brand of Chinese heavy trucks exported to African countries, Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck sells more than 10,000 trucks to overseas markets every year. Read More

  • Shaanxi auto heavy truck is excellent and reliable


    The three major parts of Shaanxi Auto heavy truck are excellent and reliable with high attendance rate. It is durable and resistant, and has a high attendance rate. Read More

  • SHACMAN F3000 riot control vehicle exported to Zambia


    SHACMAN labeled Delong F3000 riot control vehicle and right-hand drive ambulance are exported to Zambia. Read More

  • Shaanxi auto heavy truck actions to "customer-centric"


    On July 16, the first customer conference of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck 2019 was held in Xi'an. Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck prepared a total solution for heavy trucks, the "Wandefu" brand of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Truck Care, and the Draun X5000 high-end heavy truck tailored for standard cargo flow, to welcome families home. Read More

  • Good news: Shaanxi automotive heavy truck production localised in Mexico


    Shaanxi Automotive has officially localised its heavy truck production in Mexico while Baoji has signed four projects with a total investment of $2 billion. The first SHACMAN X3000 tractor was successfully rolled out of the assembly plant in Hidalgo, Mexico, making Shaanxi Auto's localized production in Latin America again, following Peru. Read More

  • SHACMAN new energy trucks serve with various industries


    Shaanxi Auto new energy dump truck comfort than the fuel car is much higher. It not only has a lot less noise, but also the vehicle configuration and features are more and more complete, especially the control is very convenient. The pure electric car is equivalent to the automatic gearbox general good driving, which doesn't have to step on the clutch like the previous fuel car to step on the leg pain. Read More

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