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SHACMAN H3000 Dump Truck 6x4 -5Standard Load Fuel-efficient Leader

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SHACMAN h3000 parameters


           engine for sale -Shacmansx





Emission Standard


Rated output power



Displacement: 9.726L


          transmission price -Shacmansx






                 Front axle




MAN 9.5T

                 Rear axle




16T MAN 5.266

SHACMAN big dump trucks characteristic

With a proven design, Shacman H3000 series is one of the most balanced product. Lightweight, efficient and innovative, the H3000 bring about a new standard in truck quality.

■ Lightweight European design, precision power matching

■ Optimized intake module decreasing intake resistance by 6%

■ Efficient real axles that increase transmission efficiency by 13%

■ Intercooler resistance reduced by 29%

■ Engine power loss reduced by 8%

■ Efficient tires which reduces rolling resistance by 10%

■ Cooling module developed from adopting German Behr BISS simulation software increasing cooling capacity by 10%

■ Comfortable and SafeSHACMAN H3000 Dump Truck cost -Shacmansx

The H3000 series uses brand new European TGS cabin technology with improved cabin tightness, sound proofing and insulation making your work day more enjoyable and safer.

■ European ECE-R29 collision test certifiedSHACAMN H3000 6X4 TIPPER TRUCK -6

■ Imported curved high strength windshield        

■ Sedan inspired interior design    

■ Spacious interior with 8 new storage locations

■ Sleeping bed width increased to 750mm

■ Telescopic shaft gear shift mechanism

SHACMAN bulldozer dump truck introduction 

1. On January 26, 2018, just before the 50th anniversary of the founding of Shaanxi Automobile, Shaanxi Automobile Vietnam Office and Vietnam distributor Phu Tai Company jointly held a H3000 product promotion meeting in Hai Phong City to actively promote SHACMAN brand and product advantages and enhance brand influence. More than 200 people attended the seminar, including leaders of Changsheng Group, Futai, Changsheng Haiphong, Shaanxi Auto Vietnam Office, Weichai Vietnam Branch, Foster Vietnam Office and local customers.

In the promotion meeting, the director of SHACMAN Vietnam office sincerely thanked all the customers for their support to SHACMAN in the past year and said that in the new year SHACMAN will continue to provide the best products, the best service and sufficient spare parts for customers and practice the brand strategy. The general manager of Futai Company said in his speech that SHACMAN products have outstanding technical and quality advantages and are trustworthy, and since the cooperation with Shaanxi Auto, both sides have made great progress in sales, service and parts, and Futai Company will also actively develop in the new year to expand sales and service work.

The promotion meeting was held in Hai Phong, the second largest city in northern Vietnam & the second largest port city in Vietnam. Hai Phong City is close to Dongxing, the border port of China, so it has obvious regional advantages in port logistics and cross-border transportation, and the market demand for tractor trucks and lorries is large. In addition, the construction of Yuntun Economic Development Zone in Quang Ninh Province adjacent to Hai Phong City and the Hai Phong-Mang Jai Expressway project are also within the radiation area of Hai Phong. Through this promotion meeting, the brand influence of SHACMAN was expanded effectively, and the promotion and publicity effect in the key areas was very good.

In addition, under the vigorous promotion of Vietnam office, Weichai Power, Foster Transmission and Hand Axle, members of the golden industry chain, also participated in the joint exhibition, continuously promoting the advantages of the golden industry chain in Vietnam and fully demonstrating the core assembly technology and brand advantages of Shaanxi Auto.

The success of the Haiphong promotion meeting effectively enhanced the brand image of SHACMAN in the northern market of Vietnam, and also laid a solid foundation for the sales promotion of Shaanxi Auto in Haiphong and the surrounding areas. It is believed that with the continuous promotion of various tasks, SHACMAN will be able to create a new chapter of Shaanxi Auto's northern Vietnam market together with its dealers in 2018!

2. In 2018, Djibouti, known as the "hot capital of the world", is located next to the beautiful golden coast of the Gulf of Aden, and in July, it is the hottest time of the year in Djibouti, with a high temperature of 45 degrees Celsius enveloping the land. At the same time, the H3000 dump truck of Shaanxi Automobile Heavy Duty Truck was officially delivered to the customer in Djibouti. During the delivery ceremony, the staff of Shaanxi Auto's resident office gave a 360° explanation around the SHACMAN H3000 dump truck, trained the driver on vehicle operation and daily maintenance, and answered the questions raised by the customer.

The H3000 dump truck delivered to the customer is a model tailored to the local market demand after in-depth research. It is equipped with Shaanxi Auto's three golden industry chain products and has the unique military vehicle quality, and has been praised by the market in terms of vehicle reliability, safety and comfort. The resident staff said that they would actively follow up the follow-up use of the customer, promptly help the customer solve the problems in the use of the vehicle, continuously improve the customer's SHACMAN intimate service experience, and contribute to the local construction and development of China's power.

The customer, as an "old" customer of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck, is very fond of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck with military quality and has full trust in Shaanxi Auto's attentive service. He said that he would establish a closer and longer-term relationship with Shaanxi Auto and continue to use Shaanxi Auto SHACMAN heavy trucks to create more value.

3. In 2019, Shaanxi Automotive's Saudi Arabia office successfully held a SHACMAN heavy truck delivery ceremony and H3000 product promotion meeting in Amman, the capital of Jordan, and the event attracted high attention from local heavy truck customers in Jordan.SHACMAN H3000 Dump Truck manufacturer -Shacmansx

Amman, the capital of Jordan, is a historical mountain city and an important commercial center, financial center and transportation center in the Middle East, with the north-south railroad running through the country and modern roads leading to Jerusalem. There are many mountainous roads in Jordan, and the SHACMAN H3000 dump truck is highly reliable, stable, powerful and has excellent braking performance, which can fully meet the customer's needs on the mountainous roads.

At the delivery ceremony, the customer received the golden key representing wealth and dream, and fully affirmed the high quality of SHACMAN products. In the subsequent product promotion meeting, the sales representative of the office explained the advantages of H3000 dump truck products to the customers and invited them to get on the truck for experience, and introduced systematically about the configuration, technical characteristics, warranty policy and parts guarantee of SHACMAN heavy truck. The excellent quality, trustworthy after-sales service guarantee, and the full set of solutions for purchasing, using and maintaining the vehicle covering the whole life cycle of operation were favored and appreciated by the guests.

The success of this event has injected new vitality into the Jordanian market and further enhanced the brand value of Shaanxi Auto in Jordan. In the future, Shaanxi Auto will do its best to provide more reliable products, caring services and optimal solutions for Jordanian customers.

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